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Polymer Compatibilizer

Product Introduction                                Type: WDK027

Due to the introduction of many functional groups, polymer compatibilizer was given much activity, which can:

(1)   greatly improve the compatibility between the polymer blends,

(2)   improve the dyeing property, adhesion, mechanical properties, processing performance,

(3)   obtain excellent-performance composite materials,

(4)   and make polymer resin replace the original material or develop new applications in many fields.

Application: blending compatibility, promoting filling, modified engineering plastics, adhering composite material, etc.

Product application

·Polymer blends

Effectively improve the compatibility between polymer molecules, promoting blends to disperse meticulously and uniformly;improve the bonding of two components, improving the mechanical properties of blends

Polymer compatibilizer can improve toughness and alloy, if used to make polyolefin alloy and PVC alloy; it can improve the toughness of nylon if blended with PA. Besides, it can improve the mechanical properties of PC materials and its processing property.

Suggested adding amount is 3%~10%.

·Modification and filling of polymer

In the melt filling process: on the one hand, the compatibility agent can react with filler or functional groups of fibrous surface, integrate the polymer resin with filler or matrix resin of reinforced material, thus improving the mechanical properties of the whole material interface; on the other hand, it can promote filler or fiber to disperse in macromolecular material and thus improve the mechanical properties of composite materials because the compatibilizer belongs to polymer.

Suggest adding amount is 5%~15%.

Storage: Paper-plastic bag with sealing lining; it weighs about 25 kg/bag.

Store it in dry and ventilated place and guard against moisture and fire.  

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